Dr Geoff Gordon

Senior researcher

  • Department:
  • Section: Public International Law/International Humanitarian Law/International Criminal Law
  • Main fields of interest: International Dispute Settlement International Legal Theory International Technology Law Law and Society Studies Public International Law Transnational Legal Relations



Geoff holds a PhD from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a JD from Columbia law school. His work is motivated by a critical concern for international practices in the public interest, reflected in the yearly summer course that he convenes on International Public Interest Advocacy. Geoff’s research is focused on questions of international and transnational law at points of interface among politics, security, economy and technology. Examples of these points include economic sanctions and ICT infrastructures. Current research addresses issues raised by artificial intelligence in applications of global governance. Geoff is part of the Mapping Values in AI project, an interdisciplinary project with Dr. Bernhard Rieder (media studies) and Dr. Giovanni Sileno (informatica) to propose a framework for research into the material determinants of values in the complex socio-technical assemblages that comprise AI technologies. Geoff’s work on values in AI technologies goes forward alongside a larger project, with Prof. Isabel Feichtner of the University of Würzburg, to examine processes of value production, extraction and distribution in diverse sub-fields of international law. These projects are complemented by ongoing collaboration with Dr. Dimitri van den Meerssche, to explore contemporary changes driven by technological developments in international regimes of economic and security governance. Geoff’s most recent research turns now to questions and concerns of law and global governance raised by quantum computing technologies, which, alongside the promise of radical new computational possibilities, will exacerbate global inequities and pose powerful challenges to contemporary security technologies. Geoff teaches the practice and theory of law and politics of international security. He is an editor for the international legal theory section of the Leiden Journal of International Law and a member of the Legal Action Committee of the Global Legal Action Network.