NYIL Documentation Vol. 45, 2014

Dutch Literature in the Fields of Public and Private International Law, European Community Law and Related Matters, 2014
R. Steenhard, Peace Palace Library, The Hague

This bibliographic survey is intended to provide information for international lawyers and law students, both in the Netherlands and abroad, on materials concerning public and private international law, European community law and related matters published in and outside the Netherlands by Dutch authors or about Dutch issues. 'International law' has been interpreted widely, so as to include related matters, if the work in question deals with international law considerations. The survey is exclusively based on materials available in the Peace Palace Library, The Hague. It includes books, articles, book-items, inaugural lectures, dissertations and reports published in 2014. The index of headings below corresponds with the New titles index of the Peace Palace Library. Items are listed only once, under their most appropriate heading. This bibliography is continuously updated.

Bibliography is a specialized aspect of library and documentation science. A library catalogue, while not referred to as a "bibliography," is bibliographic in nature. The catalogue of the Peace Palace Library effectively serves as a comprehensive bibliography on public and private international law, as the Library thus strives to provide a source of information on the entire current literature in its field. A new way of presenting a selective bibliography is linking the topics concerned with that catalogue. Not presented in plain text, but presented as sets in the catalogue. For the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2014, I have prepared this bibliography on Dutch Literature in the Fields of Public and Private International Law in that manner. Links to the headings below are presented on the second page.

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