The International Sports Law Journal 2009, No. 3-4



The Future EU Sports Policy: Hollow Words on Hallowed Ground?

An Vermeersch

The Sporting Exemption Principle in the European Court of Justice’s Case Law
Marios Papaloukas

The Case against the Applicability of the FIFA Solidarity Mechanism Only to International Transfers. Irregularity of Solidarity or Solidarity in the Irregularity
Ian Blackshaw and Boris Kolev

Critiquing Collett: The Assumption of Risk in Football as a Profession
Adam Whyte

Being Punitive: The Court of Arbitration for Sport Overturns Webster
Braham Dabscheck

All Sports for Free! A Difficult Match? Right to Information in the Digital Broadcasting Era
Katrien Lefever and Tom Evens

Limits on Foreign Professional Players Competing in the Russian Federation: Problems and Prospects
Mikhail Prokopets

Regulating against Player Movement in Professional Rugby League: a Competition Law
Analysis of the RFL’s “Club-Trained Rule”

Leanne O’Leary

A Plea for Olympic Recognition for Curaçao
Roy Paul Bottse

At Last, a Football Law in the Netherlands?
Peter T.M. Coenen

The Slovak Act on the Organization and Support of Sport; a Missed Opportunity?
Jozef Corba

Regulation in the Market of Sports Agents. Or No Regulation at All?
Mark Smienk

Betting in Sports Eevents. Gambling in Italy
Felice Antignani, Michele Colucci and Felix Majani

Legal Regulation of Sports Betting in Spain and its History
Yago Vázquez, Jordi López and José Juan Pintó

Estonia: Regulation of Sports Betting under the New Gambling Act
Katarina Pijetlovic

Sports Betting in Latvia: Law and Policy
Sarmis Spilbergs and Reinis Pavars

Sports Betting in Lithuania
Jaunius Gumbis and Liudas Karnickas


Sports Betting in the United States

John T. Wolohan

Sports Betting: Law and Policy. A UK Perspective
Genevieve Gordon


• Money Laundering and Tax Evasion in Football
• CAS Publishes the Decisions Rendered at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
• English Premier League Clubs Win Important ‘Cyber Squatting’ Case
• Two New Sports Added to the Olympics
• English Premier League ‘Fit and Proper Person’ Rules: Are They Tough Enough and are They Being Strictly Applied and Enforced?

Ian Blackshaw


The Atlantic Raiders Affair

Chuck Korr and Marvin Close

The Legal Regime for a Permanent Olympic Site
Frederic C. Rich


EL Code of Conduct on Sports Betting


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