The International Sports Law Journal 2011, No. 3-4



What is sports Law? Lex Sportiva and Lex Ludica: a Reassessment of Content and Terminology

Robert C.R. Siekmann


Defining the Scope and Structure of International Sports Law: Four Conceptual Issues

James A.R. Nafziger


The Making of a Lex Sportiva by the Court of Arbitration for Sport

Lorenzo Casini


Does the Outsourcing of a Sports League Affect its Evaluation under EU Competition law?

Olli Norros


De Sanctis and the Article 16: the Last of the Saga?

Matthijs Withagen and Adam Whyte


Webster, Matuzalem, De Sanctis … and the Future

Frans M. de Weger


Social Dialogue in European Professional Football

Michele Colucci and Arnout Geeraert


The FEI and the Continuing Fight against Doping in Equestrian Sport

John T.Wendt


The Specificity of Sport: Sporting Exceptions in EU law

Robert C.R. Siekmann


Sport and Nationality: “Accelerated” Naturalisation for National Representative Purposes and Discrimination Issues in Individual and Team Competitions under EU law

Robert C.R. Siekmann


Ambush Marketing: an Analysis of its Threat to Sports Rights Holders and the Efficacy of Past, Present and Proposed Anti-Infringement Programmes

Jules Tyrone Marcus


Sports Image Rights in The Netherlands

Steffen Hagen


Negotiating, Drafting and Interpreting Sports Marketing Agreements:  Some General Legal and Practical Points and Considerations

Ian Blackshaw


The Sport Governance Network of European Football: Towards a More Important Role for the EU and Football’s Stakeholder Organizations

Arnout Geeraert, Jeroen Scheerder and Hans Bruyninckx




Towards a lex sportiva

Ian Blackshaw


The US Model of Sports Law: Structure and Key Issues

Karen L. Jones




The Etymology of the Termini Technici Lex Sportiva and Lex Ludica: Where Do They Come From?

Robert C.R. Siekmann


The Severance of International Sports Law into a Separate Branch

Aliaksander Danilevich


Practicing Sports – a Fundamental Human Right

Alexandru Virgil Voicu, Augustin Fuerea, Daniel Florentin Vi oiu, Zeno Daniel u tac, and Marcel Ionel Boc a


Strict Liability and Sports Doping – What Constitutes a Doping Violations and What is the Effect Thereof on the Team?

Niel du Toit


Commercial Appropriation of Identity: How Could Two Courts Get It So Wrong?

Steve Cornelius


Variations of European Sports Law in Football Practice

Pavel Hamernik


Arbitration Tribunal for Sport Affairs at the Polish Olympic Committee

Tomasz Pasieczny


The Civil Liability of Teachers and Trainers for the Acts of the Under-Age Sportsmen, from the Perspective of the New Civil Code of Romania

Alexandru Virgil Voicu and Reka Kis


Discussion on the Application of European Union Competition Law to the Procedures for the Assignment of Category I, Category II and International Competitions in the Netherlands – KNHS

Richard Parrish


Drafting Sports Mediation and Arbitration Clauses for Settling Disputes Through the Court of Arbitration For Sport

Ian Blackshaw




·         Law & Sports in India by Mukul Mudgal

·         Sports Law in South Africa by Andre M. Louw

Ian Blackshaw




The Boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games and Détente

Robert Siekmann




·         Max Moseley Loses European Court of Human Rights Privacy Appeal

·         UK Bid to Host 2018 FIFA World Cup: Lord Triesman Spills Beans!

·         Protecting Sports Images: the Rise and Fall of Super-Injunctions?

·         Champion Jockey Kieren Fallon is Banned by Court Injunction from Competing in the 2011 Derby Horse Race

·         The UK Bribery Act 2010 Finally Comes Into Force

·         Manchester United to List on Singapore Stock Exchange

·         DHL in New Major Sponsorship Deal with Manchester United

·         Manchester United Post Record Financial Results

·         Mohamed Bun Hammam Loses His FIFA Bribery Appeal

Ian Blackshaw




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