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EEL website and News Service

Protection of the environment and sustainable development are policy areas of the European Union where numerous initiatives were developed in the last 40 years. These initiatives resulted in a large amount of legislation, policy papers and judgments by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The European Environmental Law Homepage (www.eel.nl) and the free electronic EEL News Service give you a comprehensive, structured and up to date overview of this policy area.

The EEL website provides the relevant information through the means of pages devoted to special dossiers (inter alia on EU climate policy, on liability and on Presidency initiatives), legislation (EC and EU Treaties, directives, regulations), a database with the main ECJ environmental case law from start to present, reviews of publications, vacancies and EU documents. In addition, a list of conferences and other events is presented on a separate page.

Moreover, ´National pages´ for each EU member state, candidate state and “Environment for Europe” state (including the Russian Federation) provide an overview of, inter alia, institutions responsible for environmental policy, environmental legislation and societies of environmental law.

By subscribing to the free ´EEL News Service´ you will be informed twice a month, via e-mail, about the latest news on European environmental law and policy. In this way, you are easily updated on relevant judgments of the European Court of Justice on environmental matters, on new legislation that was adopted, on alterations to dossiers, upcoming conferences and much more.

Look for a free subscription to the News Service on the website www.eel.nl.



About: European Environmental Law Network

Welcome to the European Environmental Law network. Here you can find full text cases and legislation in our database. Dossiers offer a more in depth view on specific issues. ‘National pages´ provide an overview of national developments and issues and the EEL News Service informs you of updates.