Asser Visiting Research Fellow Programme

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut is a place for research in the City of The Hague, the City of Justice and Peace, for legal practitioners and scholars from around the world. Visiting Fellows are welcome for a period from one up to six months to pursue their own research project. While in The Hague, they meet with other scholars and practitioners in the fields of International and European law and engage with The Hague community of international lawyers working at the many international organisations located in the City, and with Dutch academia. Visiting scholars are encouraged to participate fully in the activities of the Institute and to attend the lectures and seminars on international and European law. They are expected to present their research at one of the monthly Asser Research Seminars as well as at a public lecture and to submit a manuscript produced (partly) during the research stay for publication in the Asser research papers Series (on Asser website and SSRN Series).

The Visiting Research Fellow Programme encourages applications within the scope of the Institute’s research strands. Applications should indicate to which of the Institute’s strands the research is connected.