ISSN: 0167-6768, EISSN: 1574-0951

Managing Editor:
Dr Carl Emilio Lewis, T.M.C. Asser Instituut, The Hague, The Netherlands,

Board of Editors:
Harmen van der Wilt (General Editor), University of Amsterdam
Wouter G. Werner (General Editor), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Fabian Amtenbrink, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Maarten den Heijer, University of Amsterdam
Seline Trevisanut, Utrecht University
Janne E. Nijman, University of Amsterdam
Panos Merkouris, University of Groningen
Daniëlla Dam-de Jong, Leiden University
Otto Spijkers, Leiden University College (LUC); Amsterdam University College
Lianne J.M. Boer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

About this Series:
The Netherlands Yearbook of International Law (NYIL) was first published in 1970. It offers a forum for the publication of scholarly articles of a more general nature in the area of public international law including the law of the European Union.