NL ARMS - Netherlands Annual Review of Military Studies

ISSN 1387-8050
ISSN 2452-235X (electronic)

Editor-in-Chief: Patrick Oonincx, Breda, The Netherlands

Series Information

This peer-reviewed series offers an overview of cutting-edge scientific research on military sciences drawing on scholarship from researchers at the Faculty of Military Sciences (FMS) of the Netherlands Defence Academy and colleagues around the world. Research at the Faculty is military-relevant and typically multi-disciplinary in nature. It is concerned with themes including but not limited to:

  • The conduct of contemporary war
  • Military strategy
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Military law and history
  • Command and control in military operations
  • Cyber security
  • Operational analysis
  • Navigation
  • Combat systems

With NL ARMS the Netherlands Defence Academy seeks to contribute to a growing body of international comparative research in military sciences.

Editorial Office

Faculty of Military Sciences
Netherlands Defence Academy
P.O. Box 90 002
4800 PA Breda
The Netherlands