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The Interconnection of the EU Regulations Brussels I Recast and Rome I - Jurisdiction and Law
Series: Short Studies in Private International Law

March 2020 Author: Dr Christoph Schmon, Lecturer in Law, legal expert in the fields of Private International Law, Consumer Law, and Digital Rights



  • Published: March 2020
  • Pages: xi + 144 pp.
  • Publisher: T.M.C. ASSER PRESS
  • Distributor: Springer

This book deals with the interconnection between the Brussels I Recast and Rome I Regulations and addresses the question of uniform interpretation. A consistent understanding of scope and provisions is suggested by the preamble of the Rome I Regulation. Without doubt, it is fair to presume that the same terms bear the same meaning throughout the Regulations.

The author takes a closer look at the Regulations’ systems, guiding principles, and their balance of flexibility and legal certainty. He starts from the premise that such analysis should prove particularly rewarding as both legal acts have their specific DNA: The Brussels I Recast Regulation has a procedural focus when it governs the allocation of jurisdiction and the free circulation of judgments. The multilateral rules under the Rome I Regulation, by contrast, are animated by conflict of laws methods and focus on the delimitation of legal systems.

This fourth volume in the Short Studies in Private International Law Series is primarily aimed at legal academics in private international law and advanced students. But it should also prove an intriguing read for legal practitioners in international litigation.

Christoph Schmon is a legal expert in the fields of Private International Law, Consumer Law, and Digital Rights. After serving in research positions at academic institutes in Vienna and London, he focused on EU policy and law making. He is appointed expert of advisory groups to the EU Commission.

Specific to this book:

  • Analyses the interrelationship of the key instruments of EU international contract law
  • Explains the impact of the Europeanisation of private international law
  • Contains a thorough analysis of key issues common to both Regulations, for instance the understanding of consumer contracts.

Book review:

Original review (in German) published in IPRax 2022, No. 1, p. 91:

Das Werk analysiert die eng verknüpfte Genese der Rom I-VO und der EuGVVO, um anschließend einzelne Elemente wie etwa den Vertragsbegriff, die Rolle der Parteiautonomie und den Verbraucherschutz kritisch zu vergleichen. Es zeigt Inkonsistenzen auf, die vor allem auf die unterschiedlichen Regelungsziele der beiden Verordnungen zurückgeführt werden. Es spricht sich für eine Stärkung des Gleichlaufs durch teleologische Auslegung aus (Red.).

In English (translation):

The work analyses the closely linked genesis of the Rome I Regulation and the Brussels I Regulation in order to then critically compare individual elements such as the concept of contract, the role of party autonomy and consumer protection. It points out inconsistencies, which are primarily attributed to the different regulatory objectives of the two regulations. It argues for a strengthening of concurrence through teleological interpretation (ed.).

This is the fourth volume in the Short Studies in Private International Law Series

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