Goudappel Frontcover

The Effects of EU Citizenship - Economic, Social and Political Rights in a Time of Constitutional Change

2010 Author: Prof Flora Goudappel, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, The Netherlands



  • Published: 2010
  • Pages: xii + 225 pp.
  • Publisher: T.M.C. ASSER PRESS
  • Distributor: Springer

The notion of citizenship has undergone significant changes over the last few years because of European Union developments. Citizens have obtained additional economic, social and political rights but have also seen privacy and other rights limited because of the European fight against terrorism. Recent developments, such as the European Constitution and the Treaty of Lisbon, have aimed to change citizenship rights for European citizens and third-country nationals in the European Union.

This book explores the influence of the EU on citizenship rights, especially in view of the fight against terrorism and the constitutional changes negotiated in the last decade. It is highly recommended to academics, policy makers, civil servants and those interested in EU citizenship.

Dr. Flora Goudappel is an associate professor of European Union Law at Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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