Legal Issues of Services of General Interest Series

Series Editors:

  • Johan Willem van de Gronden, Radboud University, The Netherlands
  • Mary Guy, Lancaster University, UK
  • Markus Krajewski, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  • Ulla Neergaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Series Information:

Services of general interest have been high on the political agenda in Europe in recent years as a result of EU liberalisation measures and the case law of the European Courts. At the heart of the debate is the question of how to balance market economies with the pursuit of public policy. Of crucial concern are questions on the role of services of general interest and other public policies essential in modern society.

The aim of the Series is to sketch the framework for regulating markets and public interests in Europe and to explore the legal issues raised by developments related to services of general interest and other public policies. The Series encompasses, inter alia, analyses of EU internal market and competition law, as well as EU legislation impacting particular public policies, international and domestic law, often from a comparative perspective. Sector-specific approaches will be covered as well (for instance, health, social services, energy, education, environment and communication). Furthermore, the present Series also addresses the emergence of a European Social Union and will therefore raise issues of fundamental and theoretical interest in Europe and the global economy.