Project Team

This research is conducted by the T.M.C. Asser Instituut in cooperation with Universität HamburgUniversity of Antwerp and Internationaal Juridisch Instituut. The foundations for the Project have been well established by the multitude of studies and projects that have been carried out by the Partners in the area of European private international law in general. Project Team Members have published extensively both on BIa Regulation and other topics, allowing the Project to build on such research results and knowledge in core research areas.

The Project is led by Prof. Dr. Vesna Lazic, project coordinator, and Prof. Dr. Peter Mankowski, academic coordinator. Vesna Lazic is Senior Researcher at the Asser Institute and Associate Professor at Utrecht University. Peter Mankowski is Chair for Civil Law, Comparative Law and International Private and Procedural Law at Hamburg University.

The Project Team Members are: