The Sports Lawyers Journal (Tulane University School of Law) (USA)

Tulane University School of Law offers students the unique opportunity to specialize in Sports Law during their legal education. Perhaps this devotion to the industry is why, when the Sports Lawyers Association decided to publish an annual legal journal, it chose Tulane Law students to produce and edit it.

History of the Journal

The Sports Lawyers Journal is a national legal journal edited by Tulane Law students and published by the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA). Every member of the SLA, currently over 1000 practicing lawyers, professors, law students, and other professionals, receives the publication annually. Since the Journal is composed of articles authored by American, Canadian, and European law students, it provides a unique view of sports issues and an unparalleled opportunity for students to have their works published and read!
First published in 1993, the Journal has enjoyed impressive success as the most widely read legal sports journal in the country. Under the guidance of Professor Gary Roberts, Tulane Law students are selected for staff membership each year based on their performance in a writing competition open to second-year and third-year students.

Articles for Submission

The Journal welcomes articles for consideration from law students attending or having graduated from any law school regardless of location.
The requirements for consideration are:  
  1. The paper should be principally authored or co-authored by a student or students while enrolled in law school;
  2. the paper should be no longer than 40 pages of double-spaced text, though longer works will be considered (excluding footnotes or endnotes); and
  3. the paper must be on a topic that has some direct contemporary relevance to the sports industry.
Please send submissions to the following address:
Senior Articles Editor
Sports Lawyers Journal
Tulane University School of Law  
6329 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70118

If you have any questions about the journal or requirements for submission, you may call Professor Roberts at (504) 862-8826, fax him at (504) 862-8855, or e-mail him at
Editor in Chief for the next Volume is Adam Dunlop and he can be reached at or (504) 865-5922.
Please submit articles to: Lauren Faust, or Jaime Webb,

Subscription Information
Requests for subscriptions to the Sports Lawyers Journal should be directed to the Sports Lawyers Association. Membership includes the annual edition of the Journal, the monthly newsletter published by the SLA entitled the Sports Lawyer, a membership directory, and the opportunity to attend the annual Sports Lawyers Conference (which also qualifies for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits).

Please note that while requests for subscriptions that are sent to Tulane Law School will certainly be forwarded to the SLA, it only delays the process and it is in your best interest to send inquiries directly to the SLA.

Or Contact:
Sports Lawyers Association
12100 Sunset Hills Rd. Suite 130
Reston, VA 20190-5202
(703) 437-4377
(703) 435-4390 Fax  
Or Visit the Sports Lawyers Association web site at