Summer Programme on International Sports Law

How to Play Football’s Legal Game?

From 29 June – 3 July 2015, the ASSER International Sports Law Centre organised the third Summer Programme on International Sports Law.

The Summer Programme is designed for qualified attorneys, policy-makers, and representatives of clubs or federations but also advanced students (e.g. LL.M., Ph.D.) who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge on the regulation of football in Europe and beyond.

This year's programme provided the participants with the necessary knowledge and understanding of European and international football law. It aimed to ensure that the participants will be capable of advising players when they need to transfer from one country to another, to represent a club when it faces an UEFA investigation on the basis of its Financial Fair Play Regulations, or to negotiate TV rights in full cognition of the constraints imposed by EU law in this domain.

The lectures covered a wide range of topics dealing with the regulation of football. It also included a number of workshops deemed to facilitate - through practical exercises - the assimilation of the skills provided in the lectures.

Topics that were covered during the Summer Programme included among others:

  • Football Governance;
  • Football Justice;
  • Football Players’ Transfers;
  • Football’s Commercial Rules;
  • Football and EU Competition Law.


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