[Online] Advanced summer programme terrorism, counter-terrorism and the rule of law

Published 27 July 2020


Terrorist attacks have triggered an increase in security-related legislative provisions across the world. A wide range of new or updated administrative and criminal law measures is meant to bolster states’ ability to respond to acts of terrorism, and to address perceived ‘gaps’ in domestic legislation and security strategies.

In trying to pre-empt terrorism related activities as early as feasible, states have further introduced additional preparatory and inchoate offences, curbs on financial and other support, limitations on the scope of the right to freedom speech and others. How proportional and legitimate are these measures? Are they effective? Our upcoming tenth Advanced summer programme on terrorism, counter-terrorism and the rule of law will address pressing questions such as these.

Covid-19 update
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the format of this course has been changed into an online programme for a reduced fee (33% discount). Participants who have already paid in full will be reimbursed the difference in price. For any questions, please contact educationtraining@asser.nl

From 24 – 28 August 2020, the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and ICCT in The Hague will host the tenth Advanced summer programme on terrorism, counter-terrorism and the rule of law. In this thought-provoking summer training you will learn all there is on the international and domestic legal aspects of counter-terrorism, in inspiring and interactive classes by international top speakers in the field. Sign up now to avail our fantastic Early Bird offer.

About the programme
During an intensive week, experts, academics and practitioners will explore international and domestic legal aspects of counter-terrorism. You will get the chance to have a unique and in-depth look at the challenges that come with adopting and implementing counter-terrorism measures, while ensuring respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. Our renowned summer programme will bring you lectures by top speakers in the field, interactive sessions, study visits, group discussions (Chatham House Rules) and panel presentations on current topics. Download the programme here.

Key topics: Latest developments in the legal aspects of terrorism & counter-terrorism, administrative and security measures, domestic and international law dilemmas, use of intelligence evidence in counter-terrorism cases, prosecutorial challenges and impact of counter-terrorism on human rights.

For whom? PhD candidates, policy makers, national and international experts, security services, practitioners and career academics currently working in the field of counter-terrorism or aiming to.

Why? The 10th Advanced summer programme on terrorism, counter-terrorism and the rule of law gives you all the necessary tools for the successful implementation of international and domestic legal aspects of counter terrorism in your daily practice. It will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the legal fundamentals of counter-terrorism and extremism, through interactive study of both the relevant legislation and case law. The course will combine presentations, practical workshop activities and field trips, all led by high-level experts in the field.

Speakers and topics in 2020
Our 2020 list of confirmed speakers include:

Download this year's preliminary programme here.

Have a look at last year’s programme, which covered a wide range of topics such as:

  • The (lack of a) definition of terrorism in international law
  • Legal limits to military responses to terrorism
  • Criminal justice responses to terrorism
  • The crime-terror nexus
  • Evidentiary issues (including evidence collection from a battlefield)
  • Prosecutorial challenges, administrative and security measures.

2019 study visits

In previous years, we have hosted speakers such as Prof. Helen Duffy (Leiden University), Prof. Fiona de Londras (University of Birmingham) and Prof. Martin Scheinin (EUI) (former UN Special Rapporteur on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms while Countering Terrorism).

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When: 24 – 28 August 2020

Language: English

Duration: 5 days

Fees: Early bird fee: €930, PhD reduced fee: €695, Standard online fee: €1130

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