Submission guidelines and peer review process

Submission guidelines and peer review process:

Every submission should be sent to the managing editor of the YIHL, Dr. Stavros Evdokimos Pantazopoulos ( and each article should be in conformity with the guidelines, available at:

A submission will first be sent to the Editorial Board to see whether it fits the scope of the YIHL and whether it is of sufficient quality to be sent to the peer reviewers. If so, it will be sent anonymously to two external peer reviewers. These could be members of the Board of Advisors to the Editorial Board or other experts in the field. On the basis of the reports of these two reviewers, the Editorial Board will decide whether the author will be allowed to revise the article, taking into account the comments of the reviewers. After revision, the Editorial Board will review the article again. Only then, the final decision on whether or not the article will be published in the YIHL will be made.