Judge Prof. Allan Rosas

Allan Rosas is Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Communities since 17 January 2002. Since October 2003, he acted as President of the Third Chamber of the Court, which, since May 2004, has involved permanent membership of the Grand Chamber of the Court. He received his PhD from University of Turku. He represented the Finnish Government at a number of international conferences and meetings and functioned as an expert for several Finnish Ministries. He was the Director and Principal Legal Adviser at the Legal Service of the European Commission in charge of EU external relations between 1995 and 2001. He has published extensively in areas such as international law and international relations, humanitarian law and human rights law, comparative constitutional and administrative law as well as EU law and EU external relations. His books include “A Citizens' Europe: In Search of a New Order” (eds, Sage Publications), “The OSCE in the Maintenance of Peace and Security” (eds, Kluwer) and “Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: A Textbook” (eds, Kluwer).