Dr. Ton van den Brink

Ton van den Brink is Associate Professor of European Law at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University. He is responsible for the daily management of the Europa Institute and member of the Management team of the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE). His research focuses on issues of European Constitutional Law, the national dimension of the European integration process and the legal aspects of the current economic crisis. He has led various research and training projects and has been visiting fellow in numerous European institutions. He also carries out research projects, commissioned by e.g. the European Parliament and the European Commission. His publications include “The Substance of Subsidiarity: The Interpretation and Meaning of the Principle after Lisbon”, “The Impact of EU Legislation on National Legal Systems: Towards a New Approach to EU – Member State Relations” and “Checks and Balances of Soft EU Rule-Making”.