2018 - 06-07 December: 10th Anniversary CLEER Conference

06-07 December 2018: 10th Anniversary CLEER Conference - EU external relations: Tackling global challenges?

From Trump to Brexit, from an assertive Russia to the continuing migrant crises, and from the public outcry towards multilateral trade to the rise of populism, these days working in hardly any EU policy area is ‘business as usual’. The EU and its Member States face unprecedented challenges, in globalisation, trade, multilateralism and changes in the global order. How to attain the external objectives as laid down in the EU treaties?

CLEER, the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations, celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a two-day academic conference on EU External Relations: Tackling global challenges? This conference brings together world-leading academics, practitioners and policy makers from the extensive international network of CLEER.

The conference takes stock of the EU actions (and reactions) through external action instruments in areas such as migration, trade, and neighbouring policies. It reflects on the EU as a global actor and a ‘normative power’, both empowered and constrained by its unique legal framework. Top speakers will discuss the appropriateness and effectiveness of the institutional structures underpinning EU external action in addressing today’s challenges. They will discuss key developments in migration, asylum and human rights, sustainability, trade agreements, investment and Brexit, and will suggest possible ways forward.

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