CLEER WP 2013/7 - Ott, Vos and Coman-Kund

EU agencies and their international mandate: A new category of global actors?

Andrea Ott, Ellen Vos and Florin Coman-Kund

This paper provides an overview and analysis of the growing presence of EU agencies on the international plane. These actions need to be analysed under the backdrop of international and European law but also in light of the agencies’ international mandate in the founding regulations. The contribution attempts to categorise all of these agencies in light of the nature of powers delegated and the degree of supervision by the EU authorities. It subsequently takes a closer look at three examples out of the three different categories established through the typology and analyses which legal challenges their practice encounters from the international and EU law perspective.


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CLEER WP 2013/7 - Ott, Vos, Coman-Kund