CLEER Funding

CLEER’s funding is obtained from a variety of sources, including the T.M.C. Asser Instituut, foundation grants, conference fees and publication sales. The following overview enlists several sponsoring organisations with the corresponding current and past activities of CLEER.

  • In Spring 2011, the Veteran funds (Veteranenfonds) gave a grant toward the organisation of the conference ‘The EU as a Polity in International Law?’, co-organised by CLEER and Euroknow.
  • The Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW) granted a conference subsidy to the T.M.C. Asser Institute/CLEER in May 2012, towards the preparation and hosting of a conference entitled 'Human Rights in EU Crisis Management Operations: A Duty to Respect and to Protect?'.
  • In 2012, the project ‘Towards a Progressive EU Foreign Policy’ carried out by Prof. Dr. Steven Blockmans for Oxfam, sponsors 10 issues in the CLEER Working Papers series.
  • In July 2012, CLEER was awarded a Jean Monnet grant from the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme toward the organisation of two workshops under the project 'Commercial Power Europe: advancing societal and environmental goals through trade relations.'  The first workshop on 'Linking trade and non-commercial interests: the EU as a global role model?' took place in Fall of 2012. The second workshop on 'Promoting EU environmental standards in third countries' was organised in Spring 2013.

CLEER reaches out to other academic institutions to cooperate in national and European tenders for research funding and welcomes any initiatives in this respect.