Dr. Urszula Jaremba

Urszula Jaremba is Assistant Professor in EU law at the Europa Instituut of Utrecht University. In October 2012 she defended her PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam where she also worked as an assistant professor in EU law. Her doctoral dissertation concerned the functioning of national courts as decentralized courts of the EU. She conducts research in the area of the application and enforcement of EU law in member states of the EU, EU external relations in the area of trade, judicial protection in the EU and the EU internal market. In her research, she tries to employ various socio-legal methods in order to illustrate how the law works in practice. Her publications include “National judges as EU law judges: the Polish civil law system” (Martinus Nijhoff), “National Courts and EU Law - New Issues, Theories and Methods” (eds, Edward Elgar Publishing) with B. de Witte, J. Mayoral, M. Wind and K. Podstawa and “The Role of National Courts in the Process of Legal Integration in the European Union: Retrospective and Prospective”.