Dr. Merijn Chamon

Merijn Chamon is Doctor in Law and Postdoctoral Researcher of the FWO Flanders at the Ghent European Law Institute. His research interests encompass EU constitutional and institutional law (both internal and regarding external relations). His PhD research focused on the European (decentralized) agencies. Before starting his academic career as an academic assistant at the Department of European, Public and International Law he pursued a master's degree in EU-studies (Ghent University, 2008, Summa cum laude) and a Master's degree in European Law (Ghent University, 2009, Summa cum laude). Some of his publications are “EU agencies: legal and political limits to the transformation of the EU administration” (OUP), “Limits to delegation under Article 290 TFEU” and “Institutional balance and community method in the implementation of EU legislation following the Lisbon treaty”.