Prof. Bernd Martenczuk

Bernd Martenczuk is a member of the European Commission’s Legal Service. He completed his PhD in law at Goethe University and his thesis was awarded the Walter-Kolb-Price of the City of Frankfurt 1996. He is a frequent lecturer and public speaker at other universities and institutions and he has also taught at the EUI. He is a part-time LL.M. professor and was previously academically active as a research fellow at Goethe University in Frankfurt. His publications include “Rechtsbindung und Rechtskontrolle des Weltsicherheitsrats” (Duncker & Humblot) and “Justice, Liberty, Security: New Challenges for EU External Relations” (eds, Brussels University Press) with S. van Thiel and numerous book chapters, commentaries, and articles in journals such as the European Journal of International Law, Europarecht, Heidelberg Journal of International and Foreign Public Law, European Foreign Affairs Review, Journal of World Trade Law.