2013 - February 22: “The External Dimension of EU Counter-terrorism Policy”

The Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) and the ICCT-The Hague invite academics, legal and policy experts, policy makers, and stakeholders to discuss some ten years of EU external action in countering terrorism.

The conference will be divided in three parts, each aiming to address aspects of the EU counter-terrorism policy that still pose unanswered questions. At the institutional level these questions relate to the horizontal division of competences and the choice of the appropriate legal basis. From a substantive perspective, these questions pertain to geographical differentiation of EU initiatives and the need of coordination with member States in the execution of the different actions. Thirdly, transversal issues such as the respect for the rule of law and human rights still appear to be unresolved and will also be discussed.

Speakers include:
Prof. Jörg Monar -University of Sussex and College of Europe; Michèle Coninsx -President of Eurojust; Mr. Oliver Russ -Office of the EU Counter terrorism Coordinator; Dr. Cian Murphy -King’s College London; Dr. Constance-Chevallier-Govers - University of Grenoble; Mr Pierre-Christophe Chatzisavas, Desk Officer for the Sahel-EEAS