CLEER WP 2013/5 - Douma, Van der Velde (eds.)

EU Environmental norms and third countries: The EU as a global role model?

Wybe Th. Douma and Steffen van der Velde (eds.)

CLEER's recent research project on ‘Commercial power Europe: advancing societal and environmental goals through trade relations’ is devoted to the modalities which the EU has applied to seek respect for human rights, labour standards, economic development and the environment from its negotiating partners in return for market access, tariff concessions and preferential treatment. The aim of the project was to pool knowledge, stimulate and facilitate academic interaction in a specific area of EU external relations, create synergies between and raise awareness of global societal concerns. Specifically, the project aimed to assess the EU’s mission and potential to, and actions in employing economic ties toward third countries so as to promote ‘European values’ beyond its commercial interest.

 The present CLEER Working Paper collects the presentations of the second CLEER Workshop organized under the project at 19 April 2013, entitled ‘EU environmental norms and third countries: the EU as a global role model?’. It focuses on environmental and sustainable development interests that the EU pursues, notably through its trade relationship with third countries. It aims at highlighting the role of the EU in the field of the promotion of sustainable development worldwide (art. 3 para 5 TEU) and global environmental governance. Topics covered include the legal basis for action, the different means available to the EU for policy diffusion, and concrete examples of EU legislation attempting to export environmental norms like FLEGT, biofuels and the EU ETS.










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CLEER WP 2013/5 - Douma, Van der Velde (eds.)