Prof. Joanne Scott

Joanne Scott has been appointed as Professor of European Law at the EUI from 2017. She will be on special leave from the Faculty of Laws, University College London (UCL) where she has taught from 2005.Her main areas of expertise are European Union Law and WTO Law. She has published extensively on law and new modes of governance, environmental law and policy and on the intersections between different sub-national, national and international legal orders.  She was recently awarded a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship for her research on the global reach of EU climate change law (2012-2014). She has been a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School and Harvard Law School and was a Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI. Some of her publications are “The Geographical Scope of the EU’s Climate Responsibilities”, “The New EU ‘Extraterritoriality’” and “Extraterritoriality and Territorial Extension in EU Law”.