2019 - 15 November - Joint University of Leiden - CLEER Brexit Policy Roundtable

CLEER co-organises Brexit Policy Roundtable in The Hague

On 15 November 2019, CLEER, together with the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University, organised a Policy Roundtable on “Brexit’s Next Chapter: The Revised Deal and Global Britain” . CLEER was represented by Prof. Ramses Wessel from the governing board and Dr. Joris Larik from the advisory boar, who both gave presentations on the external relations dimension of the UK's withdrawal. The event was funded by Dr. Larik's Leiden Global Interactions Breed Grant on "Global Brexit".


The event brought together academics, policymakers, and diplomats, including from the Brexit Task Force of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the British, Irish, Canadian and Moroccan Embassies in The Hague, and the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands. It was held under the Chatham House Rule.


The roundtable focussed on two main themes: firstly, the Revised Withdrawal Agreement of October 2019, including the Revised Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland (also known as the “frontstop”); secondly, the global repercussions of Brexit, including the efforts of the United Kingdom to finalise “continuity agreements” with third countries, which serve to replace trade and other international agreements concluded by the EU.