CLEER WP 2014/6 - González Alonso (ed.)

Between autonomy and cooperation: shaping the institutional profile of the European External Action Service

Luis N. González Alonso (ed.)

This CLEER Working Paper brings together some of the contributions presented at the conference The EEAS and the new institutional balance in EU external action: reconciling autonomy and cooperation, which was held at the Law Faculty of the University of Salamanca on 25-26 September 2014 with the participation of academics coming from different Member States and a certain number of EU officials and national diplomats. The conference was organised with the support of CLEER, as part of the implementation process of a research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
As is clear from its title, this academic event was conceived with the aim of revisiting and deepening the analysis of institutional transformations brought about by the establishment and the subsequent initial operation of the EEAS. Faced with this purpose, many might wonder: once again? It is true that in the last few years we have witnessed an almost feverish political and institutional debate on this issue. This has been due, on the one hand, to the high expectations raised by the emergence of this new actor on the EU institutional stage and, on the other, to the perspective of an imminent review of its operation that might eventually lead to a formal revision of the EEAS founding Decision.

List of contributors:

Luis N. González Alonso (University of Salamanca), Mireia Estrada-Cañamares (EUI, Florence), Erwan Fouéré (Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels), Soledad Rodríguez Sánchez-Tabernero ( University of Salamanca), Juan Santos Vara (University of Salamanca), Fabien Terpan (Sciences po Grenoble).

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