DILEMA Statement on the Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the Military

Published 8 February 2023

The DILEMA Project team has published a Statement on the Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the Military

Building on over two years of research in the project, the document provides suggestions and recommendations on how to approach and address the complex challenges raised by the design, development, and use of AI in the military domain.

Read the full statement here: https://www.asser.nl/dilema/research/dilema-statement 

The DILEMA Statement highlights the need to include in international regulatory debates the full range of military applications of AI, in particular AI-driven decision support systems, and puts forward the notion of human agency to analyse the complex, dynamic, and interdependent relationships and interactions between humans and AI systems. It stresses that international legal norms and principles must guide and limit the design and development, as well as deployment, of military AI systems. The Statement insists that design and regulation should focus on the dynamics of human-machine relationships rather than on the isolated abilities of humans or capabilities of technical systems, and calls for a broad multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary involvement of experts. It affirms that the use of data-driven algorithms for the identification of human targets poses serious risks of violations of international humanitarian law

Read the full statement here: https://www.asser.nl/dilema/research/dilema-statement