Project Team

Research Team

  • Dr Berenice Boutin, Senior Researcher in International Law, DILEMA Project Leader (Asser Institute)
  • Prof. Tom van Engers, Professor of Legal Knowledge Management (University of Amsterdam), Lead Scientist (TNO)
  • Prof. Marten Zwanenburg, Professor of Military Law (University of Amsterdam), Professor of Military Law (Netherlands Defence Academy)
  • Dr Magdalena Pacholska, Postdoctoral Researcher in International Law, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow (Asser Institute)
  • Dr Sadjad SoltanzadehPostdoctoral Researcher in Ethics and Philosophy of Technology (Asser Institute)
  • Dr Tomasz Żurek, Postdoctoral Researcher in Computer Science (Asser Institute)
  • Taylor Woodcock, PhD Researcher in International Law (Asser Institute) 

Associate Researchers

  • Dr Marta Bo, Researcher in International Law (Asser Institute), Associate Senior Researcher (SIPRI)
  • Jonathan Kwik, PhD Researcher in International Law (University of Amsterdam)

The DILEMA project is conducted with the collaboration of project partners.