Media Appearances

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  • Tom van Engers (with Mostafa Mohajeriparizi, Jonathan Kwik and Tomasz Zurek), newspaper article: ‘Können autonome Waffensysteme humanitäres Völkerrecht anwenden?’, Tagesspiegel Background (20 December 2022)
  • Taylor Woodcock, podcast episode: ‘On Realizing Meaningful Human Control in Military AI’, On AiR: IR in the age of AI (2 October 2022)
  • Berenice Boutin, interview: ‘Killer algorithms: how to keep military AI under human control’, UvA News (7 June 2021), also available in Dutch
  • Berenice Boutin, quoted in: Zach Campbell, Caitlin Chandler and Chris Jones, ‘Hard power: Europe’s military drift causes alarm’, The Guardian (19 May 2021)