New Publication on AI-Based Targeting in Gaza

Published 10 June 2024

Klaudia Klonowska has published a new blog post as part of the Israel-Hamas 2024 Symposium of the Articles of War blog hosted by the Lieber Institute at West Point.

The piece discusses the reported use of artificial intelligence-enabled decision-support systems (AI-DSS), in particular the Gospel and Lavender, by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in their military operations in Gaza. 

In this post, the author scopes and reviews expert interventions that emerged in the wake of the IDF’s reported AI-DSS use with the aim to illuminate points of contention and, most importantly, highlight not what we say but how we frame the legal issues. While military professionals and technologies are under scrutiny, the author observes that the nature of the AI systems renders invisible the crucial role of AI engineers. In conclusion, the author suggests that it is important to avoid exalting either humans or AI when formulating legal arguments on the topic of military AI.

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