Klaudia Klonowska starts PhD research with the DILEMA Project

Published 6 September 2021

On 1 September 2021, Klaudia Klonowska started as PhD Researcher at the Asser Institute and University of Amsterdam. In this position, Klaudia will continue her research within the framework of the DILEMA Project on military applications of artificial intelligence technologies. Primarily, her doctoral research will focus on the interactions of humans and AI-enabled decision-support systems in the military decision-making process and the consequences thereof to the exercise of (human) judgment under international humanitarian and human rights law.

Before starting her doctoral thesis, Klaudia worked at Asser Institute as a Junior Researcher in Public International Law. She coordinated two Global Counter-Terrorism Forum initiatives on maritime security and terrorist travel, and the terrorist watchlisting practices. Prior to joining Asser, Klaudia worked at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS). Her research was centered around two topics: the governance of Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) within the military context and the military-strategic planning for behavior-oriented operations. She is the author of three HCSS publications on these topics. Klaudia also worked at Amnesty International, where she deep-dived into the issue of surveillance technology exports and the European Union fundamental rights. Klaudia holds a BSc in International Relations and Law from Amsterdam University College and LL.M. in International Technology Law from Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam.