Fourth Annual NNHRR Conference
Toogdag 2021
Human Rights and Vulnerability

22nd - 24th June 2021
Hosted by VU Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam

Tuesday, 22 June

13:30-15:00: PhD Workshop: The Power of Terminology—the Promises and Pitfalls of “Vulnerability” in the Human Rights Context
Dr. Monika Mayrhofer, University of Vienna, Austria  
This workshop aims to sensitize PhD students to the power and risks of the concept of ‘vulnerability’ in human rights research and explores if and how this term and similar labels can be used in a mindful way. Dr. Mayrhofer will provide an introduction to the theory behind the concept of vulnerability in the human rights context and offer a critique, after which participants will have the opportunity to discuss practical examples and exchange their own experiences and ideas.                                                                                        

20:00-21:30: Online game night 
Join us on Zoom for this exciting icebreaker! We have prepared a fun programme and all conference participants are welcome. More details to follow via email.

Wednesday, 23 June

10:30-10:45: Welcome by Prof. Yvonne Donders, University of Amsterdam, Chair of the NNHRR Steering Committee

10:45-12:00: Plenary Panel on Human Rights and Vulnerability
Moderator: Dr. Ingrid Leijten, Leiden University
The panel will explore the concept of vulnerability from multiple standpoints in the field of human rights, including its application in relation to migration and environmental issues. This will be followed by a broader discussion on the prospects and limitations of vulnerability as a concept in human rights law.

  • Dr Lieneke Slingenberg, VU Amsterdam
  • Dr Alexandra Timmer, Utrecht University
  • Dr Moritz Baumgärtel, Utrecht University
  • Dr Louis Kotzé, North-West University, South Africa

12:00-13:30: Lunch Break                                                                                               

13:30-15:00: Round table Discussion on Research concerning Persons with Disabilities
This is an open round table aimed at bringing together scholars focusing on disability rights in the Netherlands and beyond. Attendees will be asked to share their ongoing work on these topics. This will be followed by a discussion moderated by Prof Yvonne Donders on whether it is viable to create a new working group at the NNHRR dedicated to the rights of persons with disabilities and related areas to enable future academic collaboration around these issues.

  • Dr Kees Blankman, Professor Legal Protection of Elderly and Adults with Disabilities, VU Amsterdam & Rieneke Stelma-Roorda, PhD researcher, VU Amsterdam
    • Older Adults with Impaired Capacity
  • Natalie Schuck, PhD researcher, University of Groningen
    • Mental Health
  • Dr Lisa Waddington, Professor in European Disability Law, Maastricht University
    • Research concerning International and European Disability Rights
  • Adriana Caballero Pérez, PhD researcher, Maastricht University
    • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Training Network Project - DARE (Disability Advocacy Research in Europe)

15:00-15:30: Online coffee break                                                                                                                          

15:30-16:30: Keynote Session by Prof. Gerard Quinn, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities
Chair: Dr Karin de Vries, VU Amsterdam
Respondent: Prof Kees Blankman, VU Amsterdam

Thursday, 24 June

9:00-11:00: Vulnerability and Business and Human Rights
Convened by the NNHRR Business and Human Rights Working Group
The Business and Human Rights Working Group will host a panel discussion focusing on the experiences of children and indigenous peoples and corporate activities in conflict areas. The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.

  • Dr Gamze Erdem Türkelli, University of Antwerp
    • Children and Business and Human Rights
  • Dr Laura Íñigo Álvarez, Nova Centre on Business, Human Rights and the Environment, Nova University Lisbon
    • Non-judicial Grievance Mechanisms
  • Dr Jonathan Kolieb, Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University, Australia
    • TBD
  • Timeela Manandhar, PhD Candidate at Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Ruhr University Bochum
    • TBD

11:30-13:00: Migration and Vulnerability           
Convened by the NNHRR Migration and Borders Working Group
This webinar will employ a conceptual perspective to explore aspects of vulnerability within the context of migration. The speakers’ presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.

  • Dr Moritz Baumgärtel, Utrecht University and University College Roosevelt and Dr Sarah Ganty, Yale University
    • Migratory Vulnerability as a Way to Reassert Article 14 of the ECHR (Prohibition of Discrimination)
  • Dr Stephanie Rap, Leiden University, member of the Working Group
    • Vulnerability and Child Migrants
  • Jordan Dez, VU Amsterdam, member of the Working Group
    • Irregular Migrants and Judith Butler’s Theory of Vulnerability and Resistance

13:30-15:00: Vulnerability and Human Rights in the Digital Age
Convened by the NNHRR Human Rights in the Digital Age Working Group
The panel will explore different human rights ramifications of the concept of vulnerability in the digital age. Each speaker will address the relevance of vulnerability in their specific area of research, such as freedom of expression, privacy and data protection, the right to free and fair elections, the power of platforms and AI. The panellists will also explore selected aspects of the Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on upholding equality and protecting against discrimination and hate.

  • Dr Lottie Lane, University of Groningen
  • Paddy Leerssen, IViR, University of Amsterdam
  • Eva Nave, E-Law, Leiden University
  • Leon Trapman, Radboud University Nijmegen                         

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