COVID-19 and the NNHRR

Published 1 February 2021

The Network would like to express its support and solidarity with all members and those in your communities during this challenging period. More than ever, it is crucial to bear in mind the implications that coronavirus and its ramifications has for human rights.

Over the past months, many of our members have been engaging with the human rights challenges posed by COVID-19. NNHRR Steering Committee member Prof Brigit Toebes has authored a blog post on ‘COVID-19 outbreak is a matter of international law and human rights’ as part of the Global Health Law Groningen blog series on the pandemic. Other posts include:

We will continue listing useful posts regarding human rights and coronavirus authored by our members in this space. If you are a NNHRR member and would like your contribution to be featured here, please email the NNHRR Secretariat at