[Call for Abstracts] Symposium: Human Rights Reactions to Economic Laws

Published 6 March 2024

The Business & Human Rights Working Group together with Tilburg University warmly invite all NNHRR members to contribute and attend their Symposium on Human Rights Reactions to Economic Laws, which will take place on 19 June 2024 at Tilburg University

If you are a researcher interested in the debates surrounding the boundaries between dichotomies like the public and private legal spheres, national and international law, or the corporation and the state, please consider submitting a piece and participating in this workshop! 

The questions which the symposium aims to address is: How are human rights shaping economic laws and vice versa? 

Submissions from all angles are welcome. Participants are encouraged to contribute with insights that not only apply the discourse based on international/regional human rights law but also engage with the broader interdisciplinary dialogue shaping both our understanding of human rights and economic laws, both broadly conceived.

The abstract submission deadline is 31 March 2024. 

For inquiries and submissions, please contact Debadatta Bose and Gustavo Becker at d.bose@tilburguniversity.edu and g.becker@uva.nl.   

For submissions, please mention the subject as ‘HRR symposium submission - <name of first author>’. For inquiries, please mention the subject as ‘HRR symposium inquiry - <name of first author>’.

To see the guidelines for submissions and all other relevant information, please visit this page