Working Groups

How to establish a new working group
Members who are interested in establishing a new Working Group are kindly requested to submit an A-4 providing information on:

  • The type of working group they want to establish and the topic;
  • An outline of the activities they envisage to organise; 
  • The names of two or three persons who will run the working group from preferably different universities.

The request can be sent to the NNHRR Secretariat. The NNHRR Steering Committee will decide if the topic is fitting and if there is no overlap.

How to become a member of a working group
If you would like to join of a working group as a member, please take in mind the following requirements/procedure:

  • you are a member of the NNHRR;
  • please contact the coordinator(s) of the working group (see at the working group pages).

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the NNHRR Secretariat.

Guidelines for Working Groups 2020

Working groups are expected to organise one activity per year, in addition to their participation in the annual Toogdag programme. Activities involving both PhD Members and Senior Members are especially encouraged, as are events including members from various institutions within the Network. Working groups can involve scholars from outside the Netherlands when relevant, costs permitting. Working groups are responsible for the dissemination of their events as well as for managing registrations, with the Network Secretariat playing a subsidiary role in this regard.

A special time slot will be reserved for working groups during the Toogdag, to be held at the University of Amsterdam on 30 June 2020. Working groups and their members will have the opportunity to showcase their research and outline their activities to the Network community. In addition to the traditional presentations format, members of working groups will be encouraged to present posters.  More information about the Toogdag will be forthcoming from the Network Secretariat in the coming weeks.

The Steering Committee has allocated a budget of 2,500 euros to each constituted working group within the Network for the 2019-2020 academic year. From this amount, 2,000 euros are earmarked for the organisation of academic conferences, workshops and other knowledge exchange activities. The remaining 500 euros are reserved for coordination meetings aimed at addressing the governance of the working groups. A different distribution of these funds can be made at the request of the Chairs of the working groups subject to the approval of the Steering Committee. Any increase in this budget is also subject to the approval of the Steering Committee.

To access their allocated budget, a request for funding must be submitted by the chairs of the working groups to the Academic Coordinator through a dedicated form. The request will be assessed and approved by the Academic Coordinator in consultation with the Chair of the Steering Committee. All funding will be reimbursed against receipts. When air and rail travel are involved, boarding passes and tickets must be presented. A short report must be presented to the Secretariat by the organisers after each activity.

To submit a proposal, please complete and return the this form to the Network's Academic Coordinator (

The Network now has a Twitter account under the handle @NNHRResearch. The account aims at promoting the Network’s events alongside those of the working groups, increasing the visibility of the Network and its members across social media, validating and cross-referencing member output via retweets and engaging with scholars & stakeholders outside the Network. All working groups and their members are encouraged to follow the Network Twitter account. Working groups that do not have Twitter accounts are encouraged to create and maintain one.