Become a Member

Membership is open to all academic researchers, junior and senior, from participating universities that do research in the field of human rights. 

The NNHRR is open to new membership. Applicants should send a CV, a short motivation letter and a statement of support by her/his PhD supervisor to the Steering Committee via

Associate membership
You can apply for an associate membership if you are from a non-member institution. Associate membership entails a 80 euros yearly fee.

The Steering Committee will assess applications on a rolling basis.

NNHRR Membership includes several benefits:

  • You will receive bi-weekly NNHRR updates on events and information by email;
  • You are offered free participation in all NNHRR activities; 
  • NNHRR activities in 2019 were the Follow-Up PdD Training in Groningen for 2nd and 3rd year PdD candidates (29 March), the PhD Annual Training in Rotterdam for 1st and 2nd year PhD candidates (13 and 14 May) and the Annual Research Day (Toogdag) in Maastricht (20 and 21 June). These events will be organised in 2020 again of course!
  • You can join and establish thematic working groups and participate in the events organised by them;
  • You can share information about conferences, courses and events with other members and disseminate them via the NNHRR secretariat;
  • You can reach out to other members and discuss your research. 



Download more information

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