Stephanie Triefus LL.M.


  • Department:
  • Research strand: In the public interest: accountability of the state and the prosecution of crimes
    Transnational public interests: constituting public interest beyond and below the state
  • Main fields of interest: Business and Human Rights Critical Approaches to International Law European Human Rights Law Human Rights International Human Rights Law Investment Law Law and Society Studies Public and Private Interest Public International Law


Stephanie Triefus is a Researcher in the field of business and human rights, and international economic law. She is the Academic Coordinator of the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research, and a Lecturer in international law at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Stephanie's PhD research at Erasmus University Rotterdam concerns international investment law and the participatory rights of people affected by foreign investment projects. This project takes a critical approach to international law and employs qualitative empirical legal research.

Stephanie holds a Master of Public International Law specialising in Human Rights (cum laude) from Utrecht University and a Bachelor of Laws/Arts (Honours I) from Macquarie University in Australia. She is admitted as a lawyer in Australia and has practiced commercial and community law.


Stephanie Triefus, 'The UNGPs and ISDS: Should Businesses Assess the Human Rights Impacts of Investor–State Arbitration?' (2023) 8(3) Business and Human Rights Journal 329-351

Ancillary activities

Lecturer, Erasmus University Rotterdam