Register for the third ISLJ International Sports Law Conference

Published 20 August 2019

The two-day conference will feature a group of experts who will speak on various aspects of sports law. ©Shutterstock. 

The Asser Institute in The Hague will be hosting the third annual ISLJ international sports law conference on the 24th and 25th of October, bringing together sports law scholars and practitioners for two days of in-depth discussions. 

This year’s edition will focus strongly on dispute resolution in international sports. Prof. Haas (University of Zürich), one of the leading academic voices in international sports law as well as a prominent CAS arbitrator, will deliver a keynote lecture on the fundamental- yet often overlooked- subject of the nature and role of association tribunals in international sports. His intervention, on the 25th of October, will be followed by two panel discussions and a book launch dedicated to the use of arbitration in international sports and in particular, the legitimacy of the CAS after the Mutu/Pechstein decision of the European Court of Human Rights from October 2018. Beyond dispute resolution, the #ISLJConf19 will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the role of athletes in sports governance to the future of (e-)sports law. 

In its third edition, the conference gained a reputation for being a place of serious academic engagement for international sports lawyers with a wide range of geographical and professional backgrounds. The conference’s focus on substance and on creating a space for an exchange of ideas and opinions on burning issues of international sports law has been praised and acknowledge by speakers and previous participants (check out #ISLJConf17 and #ISLJConf18 on Twitter for the impressions of past participants). 

The two-day conference will feature a group of experts who will speak on various aspects of sports law. You can find the conference’s programme here. For more information and to register click here. 

Organisers of the #ISLJConf19
The Asser International Sports Law Centre (AISLC), located at the Asser Institute for European and International Law in The Hague, will be hosting this first edition of the conference. The centre, existing since 2002, is headed by Senior Researcher Dr Antoine Duval and is one of the few academic research centres specialised on international sports law. Additionally, T.MC. Asser Press is home to the renowned and unique International Sports Law Book Series, as well as to the International Sports Law Journal.

The conference is organised in academic partnership with the editorial board of the International Sports Law Journal (ISLJ), headed by Johan Lindholm, professor at Umeå University in Sweden. The International Sports Law Journal exists since the early 2000s and is the leading academic publication house on international sports law.

Register here.