Asser senior visiting fellow in parliamentary roundtable on Afghanistan

Published 13 January 2022

Asser senior visiting fellow Ahmad Nader Nadery speaks on human rights in Dutch parliament.

Today, Thursday 13 January, Asser Institute senior visiting fellow Ahmad Nader Nadery will participate in an online roundtable discussion, organised by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch House of Representatives.

The theme of the public discussion is the future involvement in - and aid of The Netherlands to Afghanistan. Nader Nadery will speak on human rights.

A human rights and democracy activist and former high-level government employee, Nader Nadery, has spent his career building up Afghan institutions and training the professionals to run them, to help save the country from the cycle of coups and military takeovers that have long kept Afghanistan from prospering.

As one of Afghanistan’s former top negotiators in peace talks with the Taliban, Nader Nadery was recently interviewed by the New York Times. Read the full story.

Mr Nader’s parliamentary session is scheduled to take place between 13:30-14:30 CET. Watch the livestream.