Publications 2022

Articles – non refereed

Duval, A.
'How Qatar’s migrant workers became FIFA’s Problem: a transnational struggle for responsibility', Taylor & Francis online (2022): 473-500.

Nadery, N.
Responsible International Aid for Populations Ruled by Illegitimate Regimes. An Indicative Framework for Afghanistan, Institute for Integrated Transitions (2022).

Pantazopoulos, S. & Tignino, M.
Strengthening the Thin Green Line: A call for an international monitoring mechanism for environmental peacebuilding law’, Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, White Paper on the Future of Environmental Peacebuilding (2022).

Articles – refereed

Bán, M. & Belavusau, U.
Memory Laws, Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method’, SSRN (2022).

Belavusau, U.
On Ephemeral Memory Politics, Conservationist International Law and (In-)alienable Value of Art in Lucas Lixinski’s Legalized Identities: Cultural Heritage Law and the Shaping of Transitional Justice’, Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies (2022), 25: 200-211.

Duval, A. 
Taking feminism beyond the state: FIFA as a transnational battleground for feminist legal critique, International Journal of Constitutional Law (2022), Vol. 20: 277-298.

Duval, A. 
Playing the final in Luxembourg: The Court of Justice and the future of transnational sports governance, Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law (2022), Vol. 29409-412.

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Elements for FIFA’s feminist transformation: The case for indicators on football and women’s rights’, International Journal of Constitutional Law (2022), Vol. 20299-324.

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Kassoti, E.
The Application of External Agreements to Disputed Territories: Front Polisario and Western Sahara Campaign UK, in: Butler, G. & Wessel, R.A. (eds.), EU External Relations Law:The Cases in Context, Oxford: Hart Publishing (2022), 817-830.

Kassoti, E.
Interpretation of Unilateral Acts in International Law’, Netherlands International Law Review (2022), Vol. 69295–326.

Kerr, V. & Sexton, J.P.
'Unpacking the elusive nature of Magnitksy sanctions: human rights and security considerations', European Society of International Law Paper Series (2022)pp. 20.

Kerr, V. & Stolk, S.
Assembling the pieces: the accountability puzzle for international crimes in Ukraine', Amsterdam Law Forum (2022)pp. 20.

Lazić, V. & Chauhan, P.
‘On (Non)Binding Nature of Pre-insolvency Arbitration Agreements When Avoiding an Underlying Transaction, Executory Contracts and Anti-suit Injunctions in Support of Arbitration Against Foreign Insolvency Debtors: News from England and Canada’, in Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business, Vol. 43, Chapter IVpp. 22.

Pacholska, M.
Military AI and the Principle of Distinction: A State Responsibility PerspectiveIsrael Law Review (2022), Cambridge University Press (online)1-21.

Sexton, J.P
'How does the obligation to investigate alleged serious violations of international humanitarian law apply in ad hoc military coalitions?', The Military Law and Law of War Review (La Revue de Droit Militaire et de Droit de la Guerre) (2022): 188-217.

Vos , R., & Stolk, S.
Courtroom 600: The (Virtual) Reality of Being ThereInternational Criminal Law Review (2022)308-327.

Zurek, T.& Mohajeriparizi, M. Kwik, J. & van Engers, T.
Can a Military Autonomous Device Follow International Humanitarian Law?" Proceedings of 35th JURIX conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, Ebook Volume 362: Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (2022)273-278.


Bo, M., Bruun, L & Boulanin, V.
'Retaining Human Responsibility in the Development and Use of Autonomous Weapon Systems: On Accountability for Violations of International Humanitarian Law Involving AWS',  Stockholm, SIPRI (2022).

Idriz, N.
'Legal Constraints on EU Member States in Drafting Accession Agreements: The Case of Turkey', Studies in European Economic Law and Regulation, Vol. 12, Springer (2022).

Nijman, J.E.
'Urban Politics of Human Rights', published in Routledge series Cities and Global Governance, New York and London: Routledge, (2023) (date of publication: 14 November 2022).

Rouas, V.
'Civil Liability for Human Rights Violations: A Handbook for Practitioners', Oxford, Bonavero Institute for Human Rights (2022).

Soltanzadeh, S.
Problem-Solving Technologies: A User-Friendly Philosophy’, Lanham, Rowman & Littlefield International (2022).

Book chapters

Ark, R. van (née Grozdanova)
Revisiting the Administrative Justice Legacy of New Labour’ in: Gordon, M., & Tucker, A., ‘The New Labour Constitution: Twenty Years On’, Hart Studies on Constitutional Law, London (UK): Bloomsbury Publishing (2022): 241-262.

Belavusau, U.
Rule of Law and Constitutionalisation of Memory Politics in Hungary and Russia, in: Belov, M. (ed.), Rule of Law in Crisis: Constitutionalism in a State of Flux, London (UK): Routledge (2022): 87-107.

Duval, A. 
‘The Force of FIFA’s Transnational Labour Law : Exploring the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players’, in: Marzo C. et al, 'Le droit social en dialogue – Mélanges en l'honneur de Marie-Ange Moreau', Brussels (BE): Bruylant (2022): 157-176.

Fink, M. & Idriz, N.
‘Effective Judicial Protection in the External Dimension of the EU's Migration and Asylum Policies?’, in: Kassoti, E., & Idriz, N. (eds.), The Informalization of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum, The Hague (NL): T.M.C. Asser Press (2022): 117-146.

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Idriz, N. & Tobler, C.
'Citizenship of the Association’: the examples of Turkey and Switzerland', in: Kostakopoulou, D. & Thym, D. (eds.), Research Handbook on European Union Citizenship Law and Policy: Navigating Challenges and Crises ,Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar Publishing (2022): 320-342.

Kassoti, E.
'The Compatibility of EU International Agreements Extending to Occupied Territories with International Law: Front Polisario and Western Sahara Campaign UK’, in: Butler, G., & Wessel, R.A. (eds.), EU External Relations Law: The Cases in Context, Oxford (UK): Hart Publishing (2022): 817-830.

Kassoti, E. & Idriz, N. (eds.)
'The Informalisation of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum: Introduction’, in: Kassoti, E., & Idriz, N. (eds.),  The Informalization of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press (2022): 1-12.

Kassoti, E. & Carrozzini, A.
'One Instrument in Search of an Author: Revisiting the Authorship and Legal Nature of the EU-Turkey Statement’, in: Kassoti, E., & Idriz, N. (eds.), The Informalization of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press (2022): 237-258.

Marauhn, T. (& Mengeler, D.)
‘Grundrechtseingriff und -schranken’, in: Dörr, O., Grote, R. & Marauhn, T. (eds.), EMRK/GG: Konkordanzkommentar zum europäischen und deutschen Grundrechtsschutz, Tübingen (DE): Mohr Siebeck (2022): 376-427.

Marauhn, T. 
'Verbot der Sklaverei und der Zwangsarbeit’, in: Dörr, O., Grote, R. & Marauhn, T. (eds.), EMRK/GG: Konkordanzkommentar zum europäischen und deutschen Grundrechtsschutz, Tübingen (DE): Mohr Siebeck (2022): 641-666.

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Pantazopoulos, S.
Safeguarding measures and the interplay between the 1954 Hague Convention, its 1999 Second Protocol, and the 1972 World Heritage Convention’, in: Cunliffe, E. & Fox, P. (eds), Safeguarding Cultural Property and the 1954 Hague Convention: All Possible Steps, Suffolk (UK): Boydell and Brewer Ltd (2022): 97-112.

Paulussen C. & Clarke, C.
‘Responding to the crime-terror nexus: the international level’, in: Paoli, L., Fijnaut, C. &., Wouters, J. (eds.), ‘The Nexus Between Organized Crime and Terrorism: Types and Responses, Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar Publishing (2022): 434-451.

Wrange P. & Kassoti, E
‘On the Importance of Framing: How the European Commission successfully argued for an illegal trade agreement with Morocco,  in C. Symmons, K. Thomas, P. Pinto Leite (eds.), Justice on Trial: Law, Politics and Western Sahara, Leiden: International Platform of Jurists for East Timor, (2022): 253-280.

Research Papers (accepted)

Bo, M.
Are programmers in or ‘out of’ control? The individual criminal responsibility of programmers of autonomous weapons and self-driving cars’, Asser Research Paper 2022-08 (SSRN), July 2022, forthcoming in: Gless, S. & Whalen-Bridge, H. (eds.), Human-Robot Interaction in Law and its Narratives: Legal Blame, Criminal Law, and Procedure, Cambridge University Press

Boutin, B. & Woodcock, T.
Aspects of Realizing (Meaningful) Human Control: A Legal Perspective’, Asser Research Paper 2022-07 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Geiß, R. and Lahmann, H. (eds.), Research Handbook on Warfare and Artificial Intelligence, Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar Publishing.

Duval, A.
From Global City to Olympic City: The Transnational Legal Journey of London 2012’, Asser Research Paper 2022-01 (SSRN), in: Aust, H.P. & Nijman, J.E. (eds.), Research Handbook on International Law and Cities, Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar Publishing (2021).

Duval, A.
How Qatar’s Migrant Workers Became FIFA’s Problem: A Transnational Struggle for Responsibility’, Asser Research Paper 2022-02 (SSRN), Transnational Legal Theory, Taylor & Francis online (2022).

Gordon, G.
The Time of Contingency in International Law’, Asser Research Paper 2022-03 (SSRN), in: Venzke, I. & Heller, K.J (eds.), Contingency in International Law, Oxford: OUP (2021).

Gordon, G.
Universalism’, Asser Research Paper 2022-04 (SSRN), in: d’Aspremont, J. & Singh, S. (eds.), Concepts for International Law, Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar Publishing (2019).

Kassoti, E. & Ott, A (eds.)
Sustainable Europe and its Global Reach’, CLEER Papers 2022/2: 1-113.

Kassoti, E. & Ott, A.
Introduction’, in: Kassoti, E. & Ott, A. (eds.), Sustainable Europe and its Global Reach, CLEER Papers 2022/2: 5-18.

Kerr, V. & Sexton, J.P.
'Human Rights and Security: Unpacking the Elusive Nature of Magnitsky Sanctions’, Asser Research Paper 2022-11 (SSRN), European Society of International Law Paper Series, Florence (Italy), European University Institute (2022)

Kwik, J., Zurek, T. & van Engers, T.
Designing International Humanitarian Law into Military Autonomous Devices’, Asser Research Paper 2022-06 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series, Springer Verlag.

Nijman, J.E.
Bertha von Suttner: Locating International Law in Novel and Salon,  Asser Research Paper 2022-05 (SSRN), forthcoming in: Tallgren, I. (ed.), Portraits of Women in International Law: New Names and Forgotten Faces?, Oxford (UK): Oxford University Press, (2022).




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Three Individual Criminal Responsibility Gaps with Autonomous Weapons, 29 October 2022, op-ed on Opinio Juris. 

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Decolonization and Human Rights—The Dutch Case: An Introduction, (with W. Hommes) Verfassungsblog, 24 January 2022.

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US arms companies under pressure from Mexico lawsuit’, Al Jazeera, 18 August 2022.

Castellanos-Jankiewicz, L.
Mexico v. Smith & Wesson: Judge Dismisses Complaint Citing PLCAA and Standing Issues, ASIL Insights, Volume 26, Issue 15, 20 December 2022.

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Reactions of International Sport Organisations to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: An Overview’, (with G. Battaglia) Asser International Sports Law Blog, 1 April 2022.

Kassoti, E. & Idriz, N.
Interview: Brigid Laffan on ‘Europe in the World: The Emergence of Collective Power Europe’, OpinioJuris, 17 May 2022.

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind – AG Kokott’s Opinion in Spain v Commission (Kosovo), Op-Ed, EULawLive, 19 July 2022.

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Shifting the narrative: not weapons, but technologies of warfare’, Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog, 20 January 2022.

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Russian allegations of biological weapons activities in Ukraine’, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt Blog, 22 March 2022.

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The Grotian Myth and Dutch Modern Imperialism. Blind Spots in International Law Scholarship’, Verfassungsblog, 25 January 2022.

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The ILC Draft Principles on Protection of the Environment in Armed Conflict’, Articles of War, 4 August 2022.

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Trials in Absentia of Foreign Fighters and their Families?’, in ICCT Perspective, (2022)

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The European Union's Sanctioning of Russian Military Officers: An Urge for Caution', EJIL:Talk!, 5 August 2022

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International law's invisible frames symposium: Teaching against the textbook’, OpinioJuris, 27 January 2022.

Uladzislau, B.,
The Year of Historical Memory" and Mnemonic Constitutionalism in Belarus’, Verfassungsblog, 8 September 2022.

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'Ensuring Access to Courts for Gun Victims: The Case for Repealing PLCAA’, Just Security, 8 September 2022

van der Horst, K. and Castellanos-Jankiewicz, L.
Víctimas de Violencia Armada y Acceso a Tribunales: Sobre la Necesidad de Abrogar PLCAA’, Nexos México, 13 September 2022

Edited volumes

Castellanos-Jankiewicz, L.
'Overlooking Continuity: National Minorities and 'Timeless' Human Rights, in Polackova van Der Ploeg, K., Pasquet, L. and Castellanos-Jankiewicz, L. (eds.) International Law and Time: Narratives and Techniques, Springer (2022): 421-440.

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The Informalization of the EU’s External Action in the Field of Migration and Asylum, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press (2022). 

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EMRK/GG: Konkordanzkommentar zum europäischen und deutschen Grundrechtsschutz’, 3rd edition, 2 Vols., 2434 pp.

Policy briefs

Duval. A & Eijsbouts A.J.A.J.
Asser Institute Expert Meeting on Business and Human Rights Arbitration: Meeting Report & Recommendations’, ASSER Policy Brief No. 2022-01 (SSRN), July 2022