[Registrations open] International law summer programme by War Crimes Research Office and the Asser Institute 

Published 12 February 2024

@Flickr| Al-Bashir case before the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber II 

The Asser Institute and the War Crimes Research Office of American University’s Washington College of Law are pleased to announce that registrations are open for the 18th Annual Summer Law Programme on International Criminal Law and International Legal & Comparative Approaches to Counter-Terrorism.

This thought-provoking programme, which will be held at the Asser Institute’s premises in The Hague, from 3 June to 28 June 2024, is designed to provide students and early-career professionals with a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in international criminal law and the legal aspects of counter-terrorism. 

“The 18th Annual Summer Law Programme offers a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field of international criminal law and counter-terrorism,” says Christophe Paulussen, acting academic director and chair of the executive board of the Asser Institute, and the Asser Institute’s project leader of the programme since 2019.

Paulussen: “This comprehensive and interactive programme, the longest-running educational programme at the Asser Institute, will appeal to a new generation of young professionals dedicated to combating impunity and advancing the rule of law. The programme will provide participants with a deep understanding of the complex legal issues surrounding these topics, as well as the skills necessary to make a real difference in the world.”

The summer law programme will be divided into two parts: 

Part One: International Criminal Law (3 – 14 June, Fee € 995) 

  • Explore the past, present, and future of international criminal law (ICL)
  • Examine the definitions and evolution of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide
  • Gain a thorough understanding of victim participation and reparations
  • Analyse state responsibility in international criminal law
  • Learn about the roles of the International Criminal Court and other tribunals
  • Delve into individual criminal and command responsibility
  • Grasp the concept of universal jurisdiction and prosecuting international crimes domestically (Read more)

 Part Two: International Legal & Comparative Approaches to Counter-Terrorism (17 - 28 June: Counter-Terrorism, Fee € 995)

  • Delve into the definitions of terrorism and counter-terrorism
  • Analyse the evolution of these concepts since 9/11
  • Examine the jus ad bellum and jus in bello aspects of counter-terrorism
  • Explore the role of human rights law in combating terrorism
  • Investigate the use of armed drones and extraordinary renditions
  • Delve into national and international prosecutions of terrorism
  • Examine the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters (Read more)

The fee for the full programme (3 - 28 June) is € 1.895

In addition to lectures and seminars, the programme will include study visits to (inter)national courts and legal institutions located in The Hague, such as

You will also have the opportunity to attend hearings and proceedings at these institutions, and to network with other professionals in the field.

The 18th Annual Summer Law Programme on International Criminal Law and International Legal & Comparative Approaches to Counter-Terrorism is open to students and early-career professionals from around the world. The registration fee is €1,895 for the full programme and €995 for each of the two parts. Limited places available, so register now! 

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"In a world that may seem more uncertain and dangerous with each passing day, justice must remain our guiding light. And for the rule of law to thrive, we need fearless lawyers. We need advocates who will represent victims with heart and soul, lawyers who will defend their clients tooth and nail, independent of prejudice and public opinion. We need lawyers who are not afraid to do the right thing, even when it is unpopular, controversial, or difficult." Read more.

If you have any questions, please contact educationtraining@asser.nl We will answer your questions within two working days.


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