Asser-Verfassungsblog Joint Online Symposia

The Verfassungsblog is a journalistic and academic forum of debate on topical events and developments in constitutional law and politics in Germany, the emerging European constitutional space and beyond. In 2018, the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and the Verfassungsblog joined forces to launch joint online symposia showcasing expert opinions on different aspects and topics of international and European law. The Asser Institute lends its expertise through a researcher who is responsible for collecting, selecting and editing the blogposts to be published on the Verfassungsblog.

Freedom of expression in the Olympic Movement

February 2022

The seventh symposium was led by Asser researchers Antoine Duval and Daniela Heerdt covering the topic of Freedom of Expression in the Olympic Movement.  This four-part series includes contributions of experts in human rights and sports law discussing the limits and challenges of the private regulation of freedom of expression in the Olympic Movement. All blogposts can be found here.


Decolonisation and  human rights - the Dutch case

January 2022

The sixth symposium, entitled 'Decolonisation and human rights - the Dutch case', is led by Asser Researcher Dr León Castellanos-Jankiewicz and Wiebe Hommes (University of Amsterdam). The symposium deals with the complicated relationship between decolonisation and human rights. Focusing on the Dutch colonial past, it engages with the ongoing legacies of colonialism to examine human rights both as a language of critique and as a constitutive part of the imperial legacy. All blogposts can be found here.

The informalisation of the EU's external action in the field of migration and asylum

September - October 2020

The fifth symposium, led by Asser researchers Dr Narin Idriz and Dr Eva Kassoti, on the topic of The informalisation of the EU's external action in the field of migration and asylum. Its contributions aim to examine the legal and policy implications of the increased informalisation of the EU’s external action in the field of migration and asylum. All blogposts can be found here.

Constitutions of value 

March 2020

The fourth symposium, led by Asser's senior researcher Dr Geoff Gordon and Prof. Isabel Feichtner (University of Würzburg), is on the topic of Constitutions of value. This debate examines the ways in which value is (co-)constituted, structured and shaped by law, together with politics, economics, science and technology. All blogposts can be found here.

FIFA and human rights 

July 2019

The third symposium, led by Dr Antoine Duval, is on the topic of FIFA and human rights. This debate demonstrates the relevance, and to some extend urgency, of thinking through FIFA’s human rights impacts, policies and responsibilities. All blogposts can be found here.

Courts and counter-terrorism 

May 2018 

The second symposium, led by Dr Christophe Paulussen, covers the topic of Courts and counter-terrorism. It analyses important judgments and legislative developments in several countries with respect to the responsibility of courts, constitutional courts in particular, in the context of counter-terrorism. All blogposts can be found here.

Memory laws 

November 2017 - January 2018

The first symposium, led by Dr Ulad Belavusau, explores the topical issue of Memory laws. It provides a theoretical exploration of the discipline as well as real-life examples from various countries of laws governing historical memory, serving as the launching point of debate on legislating history, and the impact of memory laws. All blogposts can be found here.