Decolonisation and human rights - the Dutch case

The sixth symposium, entitled 'Decolonisation and human rights - the Dutch case', was led by Asser Researcher Dr León Castellanos-Jankiewicz and Wiebe Hommes (University of Amsterdam). The symposium deals with the complicated relationship between decolonisation and human rights. Focusing on the Dutch colonial past, it engages with the ongoing legacies of colonialism to examine human rights both as a language of critique and as a constitutive part of the imperial legacy.

  1. Decolonisation and human rights: the Dutch case - León Castellanos-Jankiewicz and Wiebe Hommes
  2. The Grotian myth and Dutch modern imperialism - Janne Nijman
  3. Aggression, war crimes, and the Indonesian revolution - Boyd van Dijk
  4. Police action or war? - Antoon De Baets
  5. The European Convention of Human Rights' colonial cause and the end of empire - Anne-Isabelle Richard
  6. Rights for others, firing back? - Karin van Leeuwen
  7. Postcolonial migration and citizenship in the Netherlands - Eline Westra and Saskia Bonjour
  8. International migration law and coloniality - Thomas Spijkerboer
  9. The racialized borders of the Netherlands - Stefan Salomon
  10. The Dutch family reunification procedure - Merel Dinkla
  11. Shifts in historiography - Stef Scagliola