Jobs & internships at the T.M.C. Asser Instituut

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut is a unique and leading inter-university research centre specialised in the field of international and European law. Its core activities of fundamental and applied research, postgraduate education, document delivery, knowledge dissemination and valorisation are predominantly carried out on- and from its premises in The Hague, for its diverse population of stakeholders at national and international levels.

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut offers a challenging and professional work environment and also regularly offers trainee-ships and work-experience positions, both within the academic sections and within the other organisational units.

Current vacancies:

There are currently no vacancies open.

Internships at T.M.C. Asser Instituut

Communications and PR intern

Events internship

Learning by doing
As an intern at the Asser Institute, you combine learning with doing. The internship provides you with the opportunity to gain practical experience within the framework of the activities of the Institute. Your internship can be part of an educational programme of a university, or a school.

Who can apply for an internship?
Internships at Asser are for students only. This means that you must be registered as a student at a university or a school, and must be eligible to live and work in the Netherlands (either through EU citizenship or a student visa from a Dutch university). Recent graduates (bachelor and master) may apply, but only within the first year of graduation, when ‘learning through interning’ may still add to your education.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, we understand that many students are unable to travel to the Netherlands for studies and internships, and are continuing their education at a distance. Students who meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, but reside elsewhere in the EU and cannot move due to the pandemic, will therefore also be able to apply to many of our internships and do the work at a distance. This is not the case for every internship, however: some listings may specify that the intern must be able to work on site, so please read each listing carefully. Regretfully, the Asser Institute cannot hire students without EU citizenship for internships, unless they already have a Dutch residency and work permit.

Both the educational goals and the tasks that you will perform at the Asser Institute are laid down in an Internship plan, which is part of the internship agreement. This plan has to be approved by you, your main supervisor at the Institute, and, if applicable, the intern coordinator from your university or school.

Because of our educational objectives, we believe that frequent and intensive supervision is key to a successful internship. At the Institute, you will therefore have a regular supervisor. As you will collaborate with a number of Asser staff members or teams, your supervisor will consult with her/his colleagues about your progress. Your Internship Plan contains information on the mandatory number of consultations between you and the host supervisor(s), and it will contain a performance review.

Asser research community
Your participation in research community meetings such as research labs, research luncheons and research seminars is a mandatory part of your internship.

The length of an internship at the Asser Institute is 3-6 months.

Expense allowance
The intern expense allowance is € 300 (Bachelor level), or € 450 (Master level) per month.

Stay tuned
We regularly offer intern positions. Please check our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. If we have a position open, interested candidates, eligible to live and work in the Netherlands, can submit their curriculum vitae and motivation letter in English (e-mail only) mentioning your name ‘application internship’ in the subject line to