PhD programme

PhD Research in International Law

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut's PhD Programme trains researchers to work at the cutting edge of international law, conducting independent research at the interface of academia and practice, connecting also with other Dutch universities. Our PhD programme is interdisciplinary, designed to foster greater insights into the practices of international law in times of change. Our work is organised around close contact between supervisors and PhD researchers, supported by professional training activities, and featuring collaborative theoretical and methodological queries intended to assist our PhDs in the development of each dissertation. The Asser Institute is also a hub for inter-university PhD networks.

PhD Researchers at the Asser Institute

  • Marina Ban (PhD defence: 21 October 2020)
    The Legal Governance of Historical Memory and the Rule of Law
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr Janne Nijman (Asser; UvA) & Dr Uladzislau Belavusau (Asser)
  • Yehonatan Elazar-DeMota (PhD defence: 8 June 2021)
    Nação Legal Consciousness and its Contribution to the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic Debate on Slavery and the Slave Trade
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr Janne Nijman (Asser; UvA) & Prof. Dr Emile Schrijver (UvA)
  • Julia van der Krieke
    Ets Haim and Identity within the Context of the Early Modern Amsterdam Debate on Citizenship
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr Janne Nijman (Asser; UvA) & Prof. Dr Emile Schrijver (UvA)
  • Miha Marcenko (PhD defence: 22 September 2021)
    The Role of Urban Actors in the Transnational Processes of Assembling the Right to Housing
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr Janne Nijman (Asser; UvA) & Prof. Dr Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Asser; UvA)
  • Lisa Roodenburg (PhD defence: 9 June 2021)
    Anticipating Friction - The role of human rights in urban debates on migration and diversity: The case of Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr Janne Nijman (Asser; UvA) & Prof. Dr Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Asser; UvA)
  • Taylor Woodcock 
    Supervisors: Prof. Tom van Engers (UvA) & Prof. Marten Zwanenburg (UvA)
  • Klaudia Klonowska 
    Supervisors:Prof. Marten Zwanenburg (UvA) & Prof. Thilo Marauhn (Asser)