[Sign up now] Online workshop: International public interest advocacy

Published 19 April 2021


From 5-7 July 2021, the T.M.C. Asser Instituut is organising and hosting its second online edition of a 3-day online workshop on “International public interest advocacy”. This workshop is available for students, interns, young professionals, and public interest lawyers interested in the latest practices and innovations within areas of international public advocacy law.

About the programme 
Advocating for public interests involves many challenges in the field of international law. You will have to develop strategic litigation, choose and identify funding opportunities, and take on a cause. Taking on this work also means taking on risk, and calls for critical reflection. Working as a lawyer on behalf of public interest in the international arena is a developing field. Sustaining that work requires skills, knowledge, and a good network.

For more information on this online workshop and to apply please visit the event page.

Learn the latest practices from leading practitioners and experts. Get exposed to new actions and ways of advocating for public interests internationally, including strategic litigation. Be introduced to the latest innovations in law and technology for public interests around the world. Learn about successful initiatives – and about unsuccessful ones. Develop your network in a three-day workshop that will challenge you to think differently about the issues of the day and what we can do about them. With leading figures in the world of international public interest advocacy - from the Public Interest Litigation Project, Greenpeace, SOMO, Human Rights in Practice, the Global Legal Action Network, and more – explore the possibilities with pioneers in the field.

What to expect​
When attending the online course you will get exclusive insight into the experiences of various legal practitioners within the field. They will discuss diverse topics related to developments within international public interest advocacy. Some of the key topics that will be covered are: strategic litigation, creative lawyering, identifying issues in the public interest, finding resources for public interest work, new technologies and public interest innovation, and the challenges to public interest work internationally. There will also be plenty of opportunities for networking and critical thinking about the topics.

Here is what our participants had to say about the last edition of this training: 

"I was very pleased with the broad scope of the workshop and I was not expecting speakers to be able to keep the attention up (due to the online form) but all classes were taught with enthusiasm and by very charismatic teachers. Hence, my expectations have been exceeded." 

 "Quality of lectures and the speakers exceeded my expectations. I would 100% recommend it in the future." 

 "This course was an intense but rewarding experience. I got the chance to listen to some truly inspiring people and meet a wide range of interesting practitioners who were also participants on the course. This course is a great resource for both students and professionals."

Confirmed lecturers
Some of the highly rated speakers will be coming back again. Do not miss the chance to listen to their experiences and ask questions. 

Jelle Klaas, NJCM, Public Interest Litigation Project (PILP)
Louise Fournier, Greenpeace International
Charlie Holt, Greenpeace International
Zeenat Sujee, Southern Centre for Inequality Studies
Gavin Sullivan, University of Kent
Valentina Azarova, GLAN, Manchester International Law Centre
Itamar Mann, University of Haifa
Charles Heller, Forensic Oceanography
Gearóid Ó'Cuinn, Global Legal Action Network
Ioannis Kalpouzos, Global Legal Action Network
Thandiwe Matthews, University of Witswatersrand, ISS/Erasmus
Rob van Riet, independent public interest advocate
Helen Duffy, Human Rights in Practice, Leiden University
Joseph Wilde and/or Marian Ingrams, SOMO & OECD Watch (respectively)

How to apply
For more information on this online workshop and to apply please visit the event page. For questions and inquiries email educationtraining@asser.nl