SAVE THE DATE: 2020 Winter Academy on Artificial Intelligence & International law

Published 19 September 2019

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Registration will open soon for our highly successful Winter Academy on Artificial Intelligence and International Law. In the second edition of this unique and innovative training, you will get the latest insights into the current and future issues raised by AI from the perspective of international law.



The Winter Academy offers you foundational knowledge on key issues at the interface of international law and artificial intelligence, and provides a platform for critical debate and engagement on emerging questions. The programme is structured along five themes: Understanding AI, AI for good, AI and armed conflict, AI and responsibility, and AI governance

The Winter Academy includes lectures that address both technical and legal aspects of artificial intelligence, and will alternate theoretical and more practical perspectives. The interactive training features over 20 sessions by high-level speakers and includes panel discussions and workshops. 

Learn more about:

  • Definition of AI and current trends
  • Human agency in the age of AI
  • Intelligence and moral judgment in humans and machines
  • Explainability and intelligibility of decision-making algorithms
  • Ethics of AI and value-sensitive design
  • Using AI to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • AI and human rights
  • AI and international humanitarian law
  • Autonomous weapons systems and human dignity
  • Human control over autonomous military technologies
  • AI and international criminal law
  • AI and state responsiblity
  • AI and legal personality
  • Private standards and corporate responsibility
  • Geopolitics of AI
  • AI and global security
  • European governance of AI
  • International governance of AI

For whom?
The Winter Academy is designed for academics and professionals working on issues related to AI and international law, in particular:

  • Researchers and advanced students (Master or PhD) in the fields of international law, political science, philosophy, or computer science
  • Policy makers, policy analysts and legal advisers working on innovation and technology in public or private institutions
  • Industry professionals interested in the law and governance of AI.

More information
Click here to register. 
Click here for a brief report of the first edition of the Winter Academy on Artificial Intelligence and International Law, which took place in February 2019.